Bathtub and Plants in Bathroom
3d Render of Bathroom Interior with Bathtub


BNatural35 Health & Beauty

A brand created out of necessity. In a world of rush, one must relax. Using earth’s natural elements, a collection of PURE, unique bath bombs were created. These signature bath bombs are made for the Bespoke. Made for You.



Currently offering six PURE Bespoke Bath Bombs and Shower Melt

Small batch Hand crafted Made with LOVE for You the Bespoke
Side view of young woman having a bath
Just Breathe
Crop woman with bath bomb sitting in tub
A Woman Lying in the Bathtub Near the Glass Window
Prayed Up
Modern Bathtub
Date Night
Handsome man relaxing in bath
The G O A T Supersoaker
Spa Bath Compostition
Milky Oats